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*FREE* Marie Curie : Mother of Modern Physics download ebook

Janice Borzendowski,: Marie Curie : Mother of Modern Physics

Marie Curie : Mother of Modern Physics


Janice Borzendowski tells Madame Curie's remarkable story, exploring: Marie's many firsts, including becoming the first woman awarded a Ph.D. in physics and the first woman to win a Nobel Prize; her amazing personal and professional relationship with husband Pierre Curie, with whom she worked side-by-side; the tragedies that affected Marie deeply, including the loss of her mother and brother at a young age; the difficulties she had establishing herself in Parisian scientific circles, both as a woman and a foreigner; and, the importance of Marie's work and the tragic consequences of not understanding the dangers of the radioactive materials she was researching.

Smart, surprising, and filled with cutting-edge strategies and insights, "The Anatomy of Buzz Revisited "is essential for anyone who wants to get attention for a product, message, or idea in today's message-cluttered world. The lake of Lop-nor, the 'heart of the heart of Asia', is one of the world's strangest phenomena. Situated in the wild Chinese province of Xinjiang, Lop-nor - 'the wandering lake'- has for millennia been in a perpetual state of flux, drifting north to south, often tens of kilometres in as many years. It was once the lifeblood of the great Silk Road kingdom of Lou-lan, which flourished in this otherwise barren region 2,000 years ago and its peculiar movements confused even Ptolemy, who marked the lake twice on his map of Asia. Marie Curie : Mother of Modern Physics download epub Following 'the pulse-beats of Lop-nor as a doctor examines a patient's heart', Sven Hedin became captivated by its peripatetic movements and for forty years his destiny was inextricably linked with that of this mysterious lake and the region surrounding it. His last journey to Lop-nor was in 1934, just days after he was released as a prisoner of General Ma Chung-yin (the rebel leader of Xinjiang). Travelling the length of the Konche-daria and Kum-daria rivers by canoe, Hedin embarked on his last Central Asian expedition and proved what he had always suspected - that Lop-nor did indeed shift position - and why.

Author: Janice Borzendowski,
Number of Pages: 128 pages
Published Date: 09 Apr 2009
Publisher: Sterling Juvenile
Publication Country: New York, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781402753183
Download Link: Click Here


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